genkibot: (<3)
Multiped Combat Vehicle Tachikoma ([personal profile] genkibot) wrote2011-03-16 10:55 am

Data Recording 003: Spring is in the air!

The weather has started to take a turn for the better as Winter gives way to Spring and Tachikoma is slightly glad about this. While it doesn't "feel the cold," others do, and now that it is warming up, that means more people will be about about. And more people means the chance at more interactions which means more experiences.

But that can wait. Tachikoma has decided to use this nice Spring day as a chance to do work around the outside of the house. Trimming shrubs, mowing the lawn, washing windows, and even some early gardening work, are all being done by the giant blue think tank while wearing a large straw sun hat tied to its body with a pink ribbon. It might not have an exact idea of what its doing here in Mayfield, but that doesn't mean it can't do some nice things for its house mates while it figures that out.

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