genkibot: (Tachikoma here!)
Multiped Combat Vehicle Tachikoma ([personal profile] genkibot) wrote2011-07-05 02:00 am

Data Recording 005: Maybe its a breed of Aibo? [75% Droned]

[It is a holiday and people are outside enjoying the summer sun and anticipating fireworks. Everyone is acting like you'd expect today.

And then there's Tachikoma, which is acting very odd. Well, actually, Tachikoma tends to always act odd, but it's odd that it isn't acting like its odd self. It's following around people like it sometimes does, and simply observing like it sometimes does, but there seems to be no analyzing or attempts to satiate any curiosity like it always does. In fact, it seems Tachikoma is acting pretty simple and...barking?

Oh dear, either the poor thing's been droned, or there's a severe malfunction going on. Well, hopefully this won't cause any trouble. After all, what harm could a two ton dog do?]

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