Feb. 21st, 2013

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Data Permissions:
Tachikoma has the ability to access computers and data networks via a wireless connection with or without the nanomachines given to Visitors who appear in Hinoto-Ri. As such, she can conceivably appear on anyone's COMP, look at their files, or even communicate through the glasses if she wanted. But that wouldn't be fair to other characters! And thus this permission post, where you can tell me how much free will Tachikoma is allowed to play on your personal electronics.

This is only for what things Tachikoma can be able to view or look at on those electronics though, unless given in-character permission, Tachikoma has merely read-only access to any data she finds.

Simply respond here with the level of permission Tachikoma may have -
Level 1: General info you keep about yourself on a normal smartphone such as schedules, addresses, phone numbers are accessible.
Level 2: Level 1 but along with personal information you might have put on the COMP or the network, including links to any non-private posts you made to said networks.
Level 3: Pretty much you haven't put any locks on any of your information, and Tachikoma could possibly find anything about you or your life if given enough time to poke around your electronics.

If you have questions or wish to hash out exceptions, feel free to either mention it in your post or contact me via this journal!
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▼ Tachikoma [ OU ]
Birthday: May 22nd, 2029
Astrology Sign: Gemini
Soul Arcana: The Hanged Man
Unlucky Arcana: The Tower , The Star, Death & The Moon
String Color: [#206DA3]

▼ Personality Snapshot
Curious, precocious, intelligent and friendly. Tachikomas' personality is the last type you'd expect in a specialized military team, yet they know how to follow orders and can be counted on for almost any situation.

▼ Visual
▶ [Standard Tachikoma think tank design]
▶ [Humanized fanart #1]
▶ [Humanized fanart #2]

▼ Profile
▶ [Application]
▶ [HMD]
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