genkibot: (Hurray!)
Multiped Combat Vehicle Tachikoma ([personal profile] genkibot) wrote2011-01-29 08:54 pm

Data Recording 002: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Every day during winter, there has been a fresh new layer of snow on the ground, and Tachikoma, being the helpful AI that it is, has taken the task of making sure the driveway of its current, and hopefully temporary, home is nice and clean. The snow doesn't bother it at all, as it was designed for many situations, though it is a little cumbersome to move the snow shovel around a bit. But a few days of practice have taught it to figure out the best way to complete this task with minimal fuss and pretty efficiently as well.

But some of the other houses seem to just let the snow pile up it seems. And that's worrisome to the helpful AI. After all, what if those people need to get their car out somewhere? Or worse, the snow blown on their porch is trapping them inside?

Which is now why anybody on Mitchell Road may get a knock on the door from a rather large looking blue machine asking if they mind if it shovels off the path and driveway for them. Those not home, or pretending not to be home, will still get their paths cleared off though, Tachikoma just thought it should ask first to be safe.

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