genkibot: (....but I don't have any ears.)
Multiped Combat Vehicle Tachikoma ([personal profile] genkibot) wrote2011-09-17 04:18 pm

Data Recording 007: A new playground is available!

Action | Outside 1450 Mitchell Road

[Once again Tachikoma is picking up the mail, and in a strange deja vu moment, finds another letter addressed to it. Well last time was a nice picture, what about this time?]

Now this is just strange, a picture of my interface cable? Why would I get- Huh? What just happen to my systems?

[Yes, apparently opening the letter has allowed the unlocking of what ever was blocking the programs that controlled the cable in Tachikoma. A quick diagnostic confirms this and soon Tachikoma is gleefully snaking a cable in and out of it's one claw and spinning around on the sidewalk.]

Action | 1450 Mitchell, Later

[Tachikoma is trying to get someone's attention inside the house via a window once more. It's not exactly being quiet though, so anybody can hear it talking if they happen to walk by. It's actually rather animate too as it talks. Like a dog that was just told it's time for a walk and is now waiting for the owner to get up and get the leash.]

Miss GLaDOS! Miss GLaDOS! Look! Look! I can use my interfacing cable again! I can connect to all kinds of things now! Well, I use to be able to do that back home without the cable too, but only if there was a wireless signal that I could use and right now I can't access that function, but at least I can physically connect to things now!

So can I borrow a computer to try it out? Please? I promise I won't mess around with any data it has on it. Oh, and can I also try connecting to a turret? I bet they wouldn't mind me taking a look around their digital memories and we can talk through code much faster than with language so maybe it'll have something new to say that it can't express normally!

Unfiltered Phone Call to All | Even later than the previous two

[A cute and cheery voice is on the phone, and it seems a bit excited.]

Wow, I didn't expect a wide area network to be up and running here! I was just connecting to the computer to try out my interface cable I just got back and noticed the computer could find a network!

It's pretty small though, it doesn't seem like a lot of people are on it, but there was some neat things I was able to look through! So much information for such a small thing! It was pretty amazing!

Oh! Oh! And there was one spot on the network that was full of a bunch of images!! They seemed to be about human sexuality, but I don't know much about that, so I couldn't be sure. I don't seem to be the only who wanted to see them though, since there was a few IP addresses visiting there before as well. Oh! Maybe I could go visit and ask them about it! It probably wouldn't be too hard to back track and find the computers that accessed the site...

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