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Jan. 1st, 2030 12:01 am
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"Oh boy, a communication transmission?! I wonder who it's for? Maybe I can trace it to find out who sent it!

It's for me? That's even better!"

OOC Contact

Jan. 1st, 2030 12:00 am
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If you need to get a hold of me for plotting purposes or something else, feel free to either PM this account or leave a comment here.
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▼ Tachikoma [ OU ]
Birthday: May 22nd, 2029
Astrology Sign: Gemini
Soul Arcana: The Hanged Man
Unlucky Arcana: The Tower , The Star, Death & The Moon
String Color: [#206DA3]

▼ Personality Snapshot
Curious, precocious, intelligent and friendly. Tachikomas' personality is the last type you'd expect in a specialized military team, yet they know how to follow orders and can be counted on for almost any situation.

▼ Visual
▶ [Standard Tachikoma think tank design]
▶ [Humanized fanart #1]
▶ [Humanized fanart #2]

▼ Profile
▶ [Application]
▶ [HMD]
▶ [Inbox / Phone Post]
▶ [Persona(s)]
▶ [Social Links]
▶ [Permission Post]
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Data Permissions:
Tachikoma has the ability to access computers and data networks via a wireless connection with or without the nanomachines given to Visitors who appear in Hinoto-Ri. As such, she can conceivably appear on anyone's COMP, look at their files, or even communicate through the glasses if she wanted. But that wouldn't be fair to other characters! And thus this permission post, where you can tell me how much free will Tachikoma is allowed to play on your personal electronics.

This is only for what things Tachikoma can be able to view or look at on those electronics though, unless given in-character permission, Tachikoma has merely read-only access to any data she finds.

Simply respond here with the level of permission Tachikoma may have -
Level 1: General info you keep about yourself on a normal smartphone such as schedules, addresses, phone numbers are accessible.
Level 2: Level 1 but along with personal information you might have put on the COMP or the network, including links to any non-private posts you made to said networks.
Level 3: Pretty much you haven't put any locks on any of your information, and Tachikoma could possibly find anything about you or your life if given enough time to poke around your electronics.

If you have questions or wish to hash out exceptions, feel free to either mention it in your post or contact me via this journal!
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[Tachikoma enjoys strolling around the town, and does its best to do so once a day. Unfortunately, this was probably not the best time to be outside where strange greenish gas clouds were floating around.

But since Tachikoma doesn't have its full array of sensors, it has no clue that there's anything wrong with the air, or with said cloud other than its color.

That is, until it notices it's growing. The confusion it experiences causes it to pause in the middle of the street.]

Oh my, am I getting bigger? But how is that physically possible?

[Tachikoma spins around trying to observe itself growing and only manages to knock over a garbage can, and then bumping into a car as it gets bigger, at which point it realizes the damage it might just cause if it keeps getting bigger.]

Uh oh, I better find a more open place.

[Which is why, several hours later, you will see a towering blue spider robot in the park area, trying to figure out just what its going to do.]

...Maybe I should go get some help. Oh, but what if I roll over someone! I wish my communication abilities weren't locked, then I could contact someone...
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Action | Outside 1450 Mitchell Road

[Once again Tachikoma is picking up the mail, and in a strange deja vu moment, finds another letter addressed to it. Well last time was a nice picture, what about this time?]

Now this is just strange, a picture of my interface cable? Why would I get- Huh? What just happen to my systems?

[Yes, apparently opening the letter has allowed the unlocking of what ever was blocking the programs that controlled the cable in Tachikoma. A quick diagnostic confirms this and soon Tachikoma is gleefully snaking a cable in and out of it's one claw and spinning around on the sidewalk.]

Action | 1450 Mitchell, Later

[Tachikoma is trying to get someone's attention inside the house via a window once more. It's not exactly being quiet though, so anybody can hear it talking if they happen to walk by. It's actually rather animate too as it talks. Like a dog that was just told it's time for a walk and is now waiting for the owner to get up and get the leash.]

Miss GLaDOS! Miss GLaDOS! Look! Look! I can use my interfacing cable again! I can connect to all kinds of things now! Well, I use to be able to do that back home without the cable too, but only if there was a wireless signal that I could use and right now I can't access that function, but at least I can physically connect to things now!

So can I borrow a computer to try it out? Please? I promise I won't mess around with any data it has on it. Oh, and can I also try connecting to a turret? I bet they wouldn't mind me taking a look around their digital memories and we can talk through code much faster than with language so maybe it'll have something new to say that it can't express normally!

Unfiltered Phone Call to All | Even later than the previous two

[A cute and cheery voice is on the phone, and it seems a bit excited.]

Wow, I didn't expect a wide area network to be up and running here! I was just connecting to the computer to try out my interface cable I just got back and noticed the computer could find a network!

It's pretty small though, it doesn't seem like a lot of people are on it, but there was some neat things I was able to look through! So much information for such a small thing! It was pretty amazing!

Oh! Oh! And there was one spot on the network that was full of a bunch of images!! They seemed to be about human sexuality, but I don't know much about that, so I couldn't be sure. I don't seem to be the only who wanted to see them though, since there was a few IP addresses visiting there before as well. Oh! Maybe I could go visit and ask them about it! It probably wouldn't be too hard to back track and find the computers that accessed the site...
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Action | Outside 1450 Mitchell Road

[Tachikoma has been exploring around Mayfield again, a daily routine it enjoys. It has mapped a lot of the town this way actually. Though it can't really share its memories or files any other way than verbally currently, it's always good to gather and keep information in case it is needed later.

In fact, recently the town has a bunch of new posters up. Tachikoma's not sure what to make of them, it doesn't have to drink milk for nourishment after all, but it has gathered enough information to know that the milk brought by the Milkman is really not safe for full on biological creatures. It guesses it'll need to talk to Miss GLaDOS and Mister Wheatley about it, seeing how this might be something of concern for them currently.

And as it was contemplating this, Tachikoma notices the mail is here! Well, let's take that inside for the others while Tachikoma is at it. Tachikoma pulls out the letters and makes it way to the front door when it notices a name on the top letter: Tachikoma Tesla.]

Eh? A letter for me? That's strange. I didn't think I have a last name though. Maybe it is just something the town does...

[Setting the other letters down, it carefully opens the letter and pulls out a small photo. A photo of a row of Tachikoma's powered down in high-tech cubicles.]

Oh! Its a picture of the other Tachikomas and me synchronizing for the day! ...I wonder why someone would send me that though?

[Tachikoma puzzles over this for a bit, but figures it can just ask its house mates along with the other things, so it puts the picture back in the envelope and gathers up the rest of the mail so as to complete its task of retrieving the mail!

Meanwhile, if any is in the backyard of 1450 Mitchell Road, or happens to glance after Tachikoma opens the letter, they will suddenly see a large cubicle like the one in the picture now in place of where the doghouse use to be.]
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[It is a holiday and people are outside enjoying the summer sun and anticipating fireworks. Everyone is acting like you'd expect today.

And then there's Tachikoma, which is acting very odd. Well, actually, Tachikoma tends to always act odd, but it's odd that it isn't acting like its odd self. It's following around people like it sometimes does, and simply observing like it sometimes does, but there seems to be no analyzing or attempts to satiate any curiosity like it always does. In fact, it seems Tachikoma is acting pretty simple and...barking?

Oh dear, either the poor thing's been droned, or there's a severe malfunction going on. Well, hopefully this won't cause any trouble. After all, what harm could a two ton dog do?]
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It is a lovely Spring afternoon. The day is not too warm, nor is it not too cool. After so many days of being covered in snow and slush, the weather has finally started to be a more light atmosphere that many have started to take advantage of.

Which means there is many people that will see a blue car-sized spider-like thing zooming through the streets and paved areas of Mayfield.

Tachikoma is seeming to take much delight in this rather reckless display, but anybody who follows its movements can see that Tachikoma is actually paying a rather careful consideration of the path its taking, making sure to avoid people that may suddenly appear and not to get stuck at any stop lights. This also might be because its purposely giving someone a joyride.

Yes, as per an earlier promise, Tachikoma is speeding along with a passenger in its rear pod, which a canny individual may hear muffled shouts of encouragement from, or maybe notice Tachikoma seems to be occasionally talking to someone.

And who would this person be? Why, Yuna of course! Who is taking this opportunity to treat this like her own personal Gundam by moving the control sticks every which way, pushing buttons, and shouting commands to Tachikoma from inside the pod!

(OOC: There will be no particular posting order for responses, just to keep things flowing. Tachikoma and Yuna will just tag whatever, whenever, and if you're having a conversation with one of them, the other might threadjack in halfway through. Curious bystanders may convince Tachikoma to give rides to others, but Yuna may make them wait a turn, or share. If the latter, the pod CAN fit two teenagers, but it will be cramped.)
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The weather has started to take a turn for the better as Winter gives way to Spring and Tachikoma is slightly glad about this. While it doesn't "feel the cold," others do, and now that it is warming up, that means more people will be about about. And more people means the chance at more interactions which means more experiences.

But that can wait. Tachikoma has decided to use this nice Spring day as a chance to do work around the outside of the house. Trimming shrubs, mowing the lawn, washing windows, and even some early gardening work, are all being done by the giant blue think tank while wearing a large straw sun hat tied to its body with a pink ribbon. It might not have an exact idea of what its doing here in Mayfield, but that doesn't mean it can't do some nice things for its house mates while it figures that out.
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Every day during winter, there has been a fresh new layer of snow on the ground, and Tachikoma, being the helpful AI that it is, has taken the task of making sure the driveway of its current, and hopefully temporary, home is nice and clean. The snow doesn't bother it at all, as it was designed for many situations, though it is a little cumbersome to move the snow shovel around a bit. But a few days of practice have taught it to figure out the best way to complete this task with minimal fuss and pretty efficiently as well.

But some of the other houses seem to just let the snow pile up it seems. And that's worrisome to the helpful AI. After all, what if those people need to get their car out somewhere? Or worse, the snow blown on their porch is trapping them inside?

Which is now why anybody on Mitchell Road may get a knock on the door from a rather large looking blue machine asking if they mind if it shovels off the path and driveway for them. Those not home, or pretending not to be home, will still get their paths cleared off though, Tachikoma just thought it should ask first to be safe.
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[Early afternoon during a school week in suburbia is usually quiet. Before the kids return from school and the parents are currently working, there is not much to break the silence or stillness of a suburban neighborhood. The block along Mitchell Road sure seems like no exception. Other than the sounds of birds and the occasional passerby, it is pretty quiet. That is about to change though.

In the back yard of 1450 Mitchell Road, beside a small doghouse with "Tachikoma" written on it, lays a rather large machine. Mostly blue, the machine looks very much like a mechanical spider, what with the large pod attached to the back and the multiple limbs.

Speaking of the large pod, if someone was in it, they would see the monitor screens inside light up, as if a computer was booting up. Shortly after this, the machine starts to move, slowly standing up as if it just woke up.]

"Huh? This isn't the lab. Where am I?"

[Tachikoma takes a look around, the eyes scanning around as it takes in the neighborhood scene.]

"This isn't Section 9 HQ either. I don't think I'm even in Niihama. Maybe this is some kind of exercise and part of my memory was just damaged?"

[It stands still a moment as it does a system check. Again, if someone was there, they see the monitors flash tons of error messages.]

"What? What's this? Almost all my systems down? Weapon systems? Wires? Net connectivity? I can't even contact the others Tachikomas or members of Section 9? What exactly is going on here? Well, at least I can still move, and my voice synthesizer is working. Maybe my first idea was right and this is just some new way to test our abilities."

[Tachikoma takes a look around again, this time as if it is looking for something specific.]

"Hrrm, we're not usually deployed in suburban environments. Maybe that's the point of this? And my weapon systems are disabled to lessen the chance of harming innocents. I probably should take a look around and see if I can locate the other Tachikomas or at least to gather more information. I better be careful though, it seems like the least amount of collateral damage is a major part of this exercise."

[After having said that, the Tachikoma suddenly realizes something and focuses its eyes on the ground beneath it. A multiple ton multiped tank moving around upon grass is not exactly good for the yard, as many divots and gouges are left around its legs. It pauses, almost as if it is embarrassed. It then slowly, with care, picks its way toward the street, lifting each leg purposely so as to reduce the chance of causing any more damage to the lawn.]

"I sure hope that won't get me in trouble..."

[With that said, and finally upon concrete, the Tachikoma engages its wheels and drives system, preceding down the road at about the speed of a bike.]


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