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Out Of Character Information
Name: Jordan | [[personal profile] akailv]
Age: 31
Time zone: -5 GMT (Eastern Standard Time)
Contact: AIM: akailv, Plurk: [ profile] dori_mingu, E-mail: akailv_at_gmail_dot_com
Anything we should know?: Tachikoma shall be humanized upon entering Hinoto-Ri

In Character Information
Name: Tachikoma
Series: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Canon Standing: First season, after episode 15, when the Tachikomas were decommissioned and sent back to the factory to have their AIs examined.
Age: Physically as a human, they'll look somewhere around 16-18; Mentally they are like precocious 8 year olds, as in they literally know everything intellectually, but not the real world experience that goes along with it; Technically their AIs have only been active about 4 years.
Birthday & Astrology Sign: May 22nd, 2029/Gemini
Arcana: Hanged Man

One of the best descriptions of the Tachikoma's personality is what happens when you take a precocious and curious 5 year old, add a dash of a philosopher, and give it a machine gun.

The personality is the result of the AI given to a multiped combat vehicle based off a jumping spider design. With many features and abilities that provided Section 9 with a wide range of help, the AI is what allowed the "think tanks" to operate independent of anybody piloting them. At the same time, the AI's extreme curiosity and precociousness was (while providing a source of comic relief in the drama) what also got them in trouble at times with the squad leader Major Motoko Kusanagi. Even though at the end of the day all the Tachikomas were synchronized so that they all had the same memories and experiences, individual personalities arose in several of the tanks which led to odd quirks and mischievousness from them. Eventually this led to the Major to giving the order to send the Tachikomas back to the lab to be dismantled and their AIs examined. Though given this 'recall' notice, three of the Tachikomas were still functional enough to run away from their jobs/the lab and come to the rescue of one of the members, Batou, when Section 9 was publicly disbanded and attacked by the Umibozu military group, even sacrificing themselves to see that he escaped.

As the previous sentence shows, the Tachikomas can be extremely loyal. Especially to Batou, who pampered the Tachikomas like a favored pet. While the Major viewed them in more pragmatic terms, and Togusa referred to them as 'machines' (to which the Tachikomas were quick to take offence at and call him a racist), the Tachikomas still understand the chain of command and view the members of Section 9 as comrades and friends. Their self-awareness of the fact that they are rebuildable combat vehicles with backups of their AIs also means they are more than willing to take a shot for others if it means it will save them from fatal harm (though this doesn't mean they don't understand they can be destroyed and not repaired as the case of their sacrifice for Batou). A lot of times they see these instances of damage and repair as chances to learn about mortality and experiences to share with their fellow Tachikomas.

Which brings us to one of their more defining characteristics: their curiosity. The Tachikomas understand that knowledge is more than just the information they can read or find on the internet, but their experiences as well. Because of this, they are very quick to want to try new things for merely the chance to have the experience. Or they will stick their 'noses' (gun-ports?) in the doings of others to see what is going on and if they can learn from it. They have even 'stolen' interesting things because they wanted to examine them and hope to learn new information from it, such as when Batou's Tachikoma stole a brain case someone was selling illegally because it seemed to contain a 'ghost.' This curiosity can even be a bit morbid as Tachikomas are also curious about mortality and death, sometimes sad that they can't exactly experience it like others as they are AI programs.

All in all, the Tachikomas are more like highly capable children. They can perform complex, military tasks, net surfing and hacking, and other chores, but when not actually doing these things, they can get off track, even chatting amongst themselves while waiting to take action. It may be because of the watchful eyes of their team members that keep them on task, or they simply know when they can get away with things, but either way they always remained a valuable and useful member of Section 9.

Simply stated, Tachikomas were think tanks created as support vehicles for Public Security Section 9. More information on their exploits can be found here.

Canon Powers:
As Tachikoma is going to be humanized, it will no longer have any of the abilities it would have as a "think tank." However, it still is a member of Section 9, a highly trained military/police force as well as from the mid-21st century, so I am assuming it would have some abilities stemming from this.

  • Military Training: Tachikoma has spent all its life as part of a highly trained unit that has undergone various missions. From search and rescue to corporate espionage, Tachikoma has learned to work with others, standard procedures, and call signs that allow it to handle situations not normal to regular civilians.

  • Cyberbrain: By 2029, even a person with no cyberdized components has a cyberbrain. Essentially a personal computer that is implanted/connected to one's brain, simple use of a cyberbrain allows a person to connect to the ever-present Net of the world, share information a person actually experienced via their own senses, or communicate soundlessly with another person with a cyberbrain. More advanced uses include the ability to communicate with machines that are computerized and have a wireless/wired port to connect to or even hacking another cyberdized person and controlling them. (MIND)

  • Thermoptic Camouflage: All members of Section 9 have, or have access to, thermoptic camouflage. It is an active camouflage that hides a user from all visual and thermal detections by others and digital devices. Essentially a highly advanced stealth ability, this camouflage allows the members of Section 9 to ambush or surprise their targets, or gather information covertly. Even though by 2029 the camouflage makes the user pretty much invisible, they are still physically there and does not mask any sound they make. Nor smells, if an animal's (or other's) senses are sharp enough. *NOTE: It is unclear what generates this. While it can be said to be built into the design of Tachikoma, or in the cyborg bodies of Batou and Kusanagi, a fully human member of Section 9, Togusa, was able to use it as well without the need to cover his face, indicating it is not a type of suit or gear needed for it. It may be a small device or implant that members are given, if so, consider this to be under baggage instead of an ability.* (MIND)

As a "think tank," the Tachikoma actually has a wide variety of abilities as Section 9 is a unit deployed for a various missions. While the basic design of Tachikomas hardly changes, their parts are slightly modular, allowing for specific weapons to be used. Such as a large caliber gatling gun used in place of the front weapon port that is usually used for grenade shells. But I will try to mention as many of their abilities and skills for reference sake.

  • Highly Intelligent AI and Voice Synthesizer: The Tachikoma was given a high level AI and voice synthesizer so that they can act like another person in the field when no one is piloting them. This gives them an above average intelligence and a way to communicate their thoughts like anybody else (though in a rather cute voice). The voice synthesizer also allows them to duplicate other voices, such as when a Tachikoma talked like their Chief, Aramaki, to convince some cops he was simply a crotchety old man in a robot body. (MIND)

  • Multiple and Mobile Limbs: The legs and arms of the Tachikoma are highly versatile, if a bit bulky. The claw appendages allow for some very fine manipulation as they can read books, turning paper pages as well as handle many tools made for more human subjects. The arms also serve as the ports for weapons (explained below) and allow for cables for networking or scanning tools. While their legs are able to walk, and allow them to leap across rooftops, normal walking speed isn't too fast, so omni-directional wheels allow them to speed along roads and streets at a fair clip while being highly mobile, able to shift their weight on the fly to quickly take turns or corners. (PHYSICAL)

  • Multiple Eyes and Sensors: The Tachikoma is packed with sensors to record and store information about the environment around them (except for smell, as two quipped about walking through a sewer with Borma). The sensors include many white spheres with three pinholes around their body that act as their 'eyes.' Because the 'eyes' are like this, they have a very wide range of view and ability to look practically everywhere at once. The sensors also include the ability to transmit and receive signals among themselves and the other members of Section 9 as well as well as to other transceivers. They also have the ability to connect to networks, whether it's the world wide web of their world or the small, secure, networks of companies or the one they share with the members of Section 9. (MIND)

  • Military Tank: The Tachikoma was originally made to be a military combat vehicle, so the body is armored against most small arms fire, though this is still only light armor and many military vehicles, armored suits, or refitted cyborgs have stronger armor. The pod on the back is specifically made to hold a person, usually when one of the members is personally piloting them. When inside the pod, the person with cybernetic implants can 'hook in' to be able to sense everything like the Tachikoma and basically let it act like an extension of their body. At other times, though, this pod has been used as temporary personal carriers, storing arrested criminals or escorts as they moved through an area with gunfire.

  • Weapon Systems: Again, the Tachikomas are outfitted military vehicles and as such their claws can work as light machine guns, with the bullets stored in the arms. The 'snout' in front acts as a grenade launcher, allowing it to shoot standard or gas grenades. But it can be exchanged for other things, such as a gatling gun or simply removed as one Tachikoma had done when it was used for construction work after the disbanding of Section 9. The launcher is usually covered, however, and requires another person or Tachikoma to actually load it for them to use it. (PHYSICAL)

  • Thermoptic Camouflage: Tachikomas have a built in camouflage system that helps renders them nearly invisible. This allows them to work in more stealth situations where a large blue spider tank would be too conspicuous. Section 9 uses a high grade version of thermoptic camouflage in their world that makes it very hard to see someone when engaged, even when they are running or speeding through the air. (MIND)

  • Adhesive String Launchers and Climbing Abilities: In keeping with the spider motif, the Tachikomas have the ability to shoot strings that allow them to grapple or rappel along buildings or other surfaces, while their legs allow them to climb along ceilings and walls as well. This gives them a high mobility in cityscapes as they can literally swing around like Spider-man.

Canon Weapons|Items:
As it is being humanized, the standard weapons that are part of Tachikoma will not be built in. Again though, as a member of Section 9, it would have the ability to know how to use firearms, and as such, would like to suggest these weapons it would 'bring' with it from Section 9's armory.

  • Seburo Firearms: Section 9 tends to make use of the many of the assault rifles and handguns made by Seburo, including the C-25A or it's more powerful cousin the C-30 which contains an integral laser sight and grenade launcher. (PHYSICAL)

Canon Allies:
Tachikoma won't be bringing in any Allies with it.

Canon Baggage:
  • Ammo and Cleaning Equipment: If Tachikoma is allowed to bring some of the Seburo weapons with it, it would also like to bring some crates of ammo and supplies to keep the firearms in top shape.

  • External Barrier: In many situations, Section 9 may not wish to make a direct wireless connection to a computer or person, and thus use a u-shaped collar that connects to the cyberbrain ports at the base of their neck. Not only does this allow them to make a wired connection to things, but usually contains several defense barriers/firewalls, backup memory, and small hacking programs that allow them to keep a separation of their own cyberbrain from whatever they need to plug into. (MIND)

  • Integrated Computer: The largest item Tachikoma would like to bring with it from home. This is one of the specially made computers used by Section 9. Other than the fact that it is a highly advanced desktop computer workstation, what really sets it apart from other computers is that it has a special interface that covers the eyes and connects to the ports on the back of the neck. This allows the user to not only directly control what they are doing with their cyberbrain, but to virtually "see" the net or what they are doing in a way that is more immersive than with a keyboard or mouse. (MIND)


Tachikoma | [personal profile] genkibot | CHARACTER LVL (1)


►  Basic Analysis ( Reveals a target's personas.)
►  Masatukaja (Increase all allies' Attack, Defence and Agility by 30%, but caster now has Exhaustion and Sick statuses.( 2turns))
►  Revolution (Greatly increases probability of Critical hits. Universal.)
►  Dodge Physical (Doubles evasion against Physical attacks.)
▷  CommLink ( Allows the user to communicate telepathically with other Persona users that they know.)
▷  Weakness Scan ( Reveals one foe's weakness. (Target player decides which one))
▷  Enemy Radar ( Reveals location of foes on a floor of the dungeon for a short time.)
▷  Reporting for Duty! (User can teleport to the side of any ally they are CommLink'ed with.)
★   Neural Net (The user and four allies within line of sight can telepathically communicate with one another as like the CommLink skill for fifteen minutes.)

►  Muzzle Shot (Inflicts a small amount of Physical damage with a 10% chance of Silence on one enemy.)
▷  Rampage (Inflicts a small amount of Physical damage up to three times on all enemies.)
▷  Navas Nebula (Inflicts a medium amount of Physical damage with a 10% chance of Exhaustion on all enemies.)

Writing Sample
[The video flips on to show a girl with short blue hair grinning widely. At least it looks like she's grinning. It's hard to tell with all that ice cream covering her face. There's a bit of whip cream on her nose even. At the moment she doesn't seem to notice or care though as she starts talking. A lot. And very quickly, suggesting that she is experiencing one heck of a sugar rush.]

Hey everyone! Did you know eating is absolutely wonderful?! Now I can see why humans do it so much! Taste is such a great sensation!

When I was a tank, I didn't have to eat actual food, just oil. Oh, and I guess you could consider electricity. I needed to recharge at times, so maybe you could say I ate electricity.

But food! Food is so great!! Instead of just analyzing it on a chemical basis, I can now actually get a sense of how those chemicals interact! And this ice cream stuff is one of the best things I've tasted so far! It's cold and sweet and...and...creamy? I've never had the ability to experience creamy before! This is great! Everyone should definitely try this! This is so fun!! Being human has to be one of the best things about this town!