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Data Recording 004: Time to stretch those wheels!

It is a lovely Spring afternoon. The day is not too warm, nor is it not too cool. After so many days of being covered in snow and slush, the weather has finally started to be a more light atmosphere that many have started to take advantage of.

Which means there is many people that will see a blue car-sized spider-like thing zooming through the streets and paved areas of Mayfield.

Tachikoma is seeming to take much delight in this rather reckless display, but anybody who follows its movements can see that Tachikoma is actually paying a rather careful consideration of the path its taking, making sure to avoid people that may suddenly appear and not to get stuck at any stop lights. This also might be because its purposely giving someone a joyride.

Yes, as per an earlier promise, Tachikoma is speeding along with a passenger in its rear pod, which a canny individual may hear muffled shouts of encouragement from, or maybe notice Tachikoma seems to be occasionally talking to someone.

And who would this person be? Why, Yuna of course! Who is taking this opportunity to treat this like her own personal Gundam by moving the control sticks every which way, pushing buttons, and shouting commands to Tachikoma from inside the pod!

(OOC: There will be no particular posting order for responses, just to keep things flowing. Tachikoma and Yuna will just tag whatever, whenever, and if you're having a conversation with one of them, the other might threadjack in halfway through. Curious bystanders may convince Tachikoma to give rides to others, but Yuna may make them wait a turn, or share. If the latter, the pod CAN fit two teenagers, but it will be cramped.)

Obligatory thread for Yuna screaming things at Tachikoma from inside the pod

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This is the best!

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[Tachikoma continues zipping through the streets...]

Can you see everything okay back there?

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Yeah, this heads up display is amazing!


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Yuna? Is that you inside the spider tank?

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[An excited voice calls out from inside.]

Yeah, it's me! Isn't this thing awesome?

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[Tachikoma slows a bit so Yuna's friend can possible hear her.]

I'm more than just a thing, I'm a Tachikoma!

...Or were you referring to riding around in my rear pod?

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All of it! This is like a dream come true!

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Wait.... this tank has a machine spirit that talks?

[he is trying to decide if this is heretical.]

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It's an AI inside a mobile battle tank!

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Has it kidnapped you? Should I save you? [his huge hammy fists clench inside his power armor. It is GO TIME?]

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It's fine! This is where you pilot it from!