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Multiped Combat Vehicle Tachikoma ([personal profile] genkibot) wrote2011-10-27 11:55 pm

Data Recording 008: Tachikomas are suppose to be stealthy! This isn't stealthy!

[Tachikoma enjoys strolling around the town, and does its best to do so once a day. Unfortunately, this was probably not the best time to be outside where strange greenish gas clouds were floating around.

But since Tachikoma doesn't have its full array of sensors, it has no clue that there's anything wrong with the air, or with said cloud other than its color.

That is, until it notices it's growing. The confusion it experiences causes it to pause in the middle of the street.]

Oh my, am I getting bigger? But how is that physically possible?

[Tachikoma spins around trying to observe itself growing and only manages to knock over a garbage can, and then bumping into a car as it gets bigger, at which point it realizes the damage it might just cause if it keeps getting bigger.]

Uh oh, I better find a more open place.

[Which is why, several hours later, you will see a towering blue spider robot in the park area, trying to figure out just what its going to do.]

...Maybe I should go get some help. Oh, but what if I roll over someone! I wish my communication abilities weren't locked, then I could contact someone...

Us giant robots/androids gotta stick together!

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[Hey Tachikoma, you've got a bipedal mecha approaching you from the direction of downtown. Although it doesn't seem to be acting very mecha-like ... it's behaving more like a human trying to step across a floor littered with sharp toys.]

[He's muttering down toward passerby as he crosses the streets.]

—Pardon me, ma'am—s'cuse me—

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[Oh look! There's someone now! And they seem much more mobile than Tachikoma at the moment! Guess there's some advantages with being bipedal, isn't there? Tachikoma tries to get the mecha's attention, still a bit too worried to move any of it's legs. That doesn't stop it from flailing it's arms and calling out though.]

Excuse me! Mr. Mech! Over here, please!

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[Gat looks up just after making another careful step; that sounds like another synthetic life form! Looking in the direction of the park, Gat spots the Tachikoma almost immediately, and judging from his body language, he's a little surprised at first. To Gat, the Tachikoma resembles a Guard Machine, just ... with more legs and, apparently, sentience. Is this one of the other androids Lucas mentioned before?]

[Gat starts making his way over to the park, still being careful about where he's stepping. He does wave back, though, in greeting.]