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Data Recording 001: This is a pretty strange test...

[Early afternoon during a school week in suburbia is usually quiet. Before the kids return from school and the parents are currently working, there is not much to break the silence or stillness of a suburban neighborhood. The block along Mitchell Road sure seems like no exception. Other than the sounds of birds and the occasional passerby, it is pretty quiet. That is about to change though.

In the back yard of 1450 Mitchell Road, beside a small doghouse with "Tachikoma" written on it, lays a rather large machine. Mostly blue, the machine looks very much like a mechanical spider, what with the large pod attached to the back and the multiple limbs.

Speaking of the large pod, if someone was in it, they would see the monitor screens inside light up, as if a computer was booting up. Shortly after this, the machine starts to move, slowly standing up as if it just woke up.]

"Huh? This isn't the lab. Where am I?"

[Tachikoma takes a look around, the eyes scanning around as it takes in the neighborhood scene.]

"This isn't Section 9 HQ either. I don't think I'm even in Niihama. Maybe this is some kind of exercise and part of my memory was just damaged?"

[It stands still a moment as it does a system check. Again, if someone was there, they see the monitors flash tons of error messages.]

"What? What's this? Almost all my systems down? Weapon systems? Wires? Net connectivity? I can't even contact the others Tachikomas or members of Section 9? What exactly is going on here? Well, at least I can still move, and my voice synthesizer is working. Maybe my first idea was right and this is just some new way to test our abilities."

[Tachikoma takes a look around again, this time as if it is looking for something specific.]

"Hrrm, we're not usually deployed in suburban environments. Maybe that's the point of this? And my weapon systems are disabled to lessen the chance of harming innocents. I probably should take a look around and see if I can locate the other Tachikomas or at least to gather more information. I better be careful though, it seems like the least amount of collateral damage is a major part of this exercise."

[After having said that, the Tachikoma suddenly realizes something and focuses its eyes on the ground beneath it. A multiple ton multiped tank moving around upon grass is not exactly good for the yard, as many divots and gouges are left around its legs. It pauses, almost as if it is embarrassed. It then slowly, with care, picks its way toward the street, lifting each leg purposely so as to reduce the chance of causing any more damage to the lawn.]

"I sure hope that won't get me in trouble..."

[With that said, and finally upon concrete, the Tachikoma engages its wheels and drives system, preceding down the road at about the speed of a bike.]

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[Just walking from the library when he notices the robot. And as soon as he sees it, he desperately wishes that he had his ability back so that he could know what it is.]

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[Tachikoma is quite used to random people staring, and so it is actually quite focused on the task at hand. That is, trying to locate its comrades. But as it continues down the road, it does not seem to be finding any obvious clues. Maybe it should ask someone? That's probably a good idea! So Tachikoma begins asking random people if they have seen other Tachikomas.

Unfortunately, most of the people it has been asking are drones. So all they do is give the 'dog' in their eyes a pat on the head and continue on their way.]

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[Well, since it talks, this shouldn't be too hard. Rinnosuke approaches the Tachikoma.]

Ah...excuse me.

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[Tachikoma turns to see who addressed it.]

Oh, hello there! Have you seen any other Tachikomas? If this is some type of exercise, I probably should find them.

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[Theta is out and about for a walk, and she can't help herself. that? It's bright blue and mechanical, and there's so much joy in her eyes when she sees it. She leans heavily on her cane, but sticks her hand out and waves at the Tachikoma, trying to flag it down as it goes by.]

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[One of the eyes catch a person waving at it. It spins around on its wheels to face them directly and see who it is.]

"Oh, hello there! Are you part of the exercise?"

[Tachikoma is pretty sure they're not a threat. Maybe they're here to give them instructions!]

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Exercise? No. ...You're new here, aren't you? [She reaches out to touch.]

...What are you?

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[Tachikoma doesn't stop her as, though one of its eyes on the side follow it. It tilts to one side slightly, almost as if cocking its head in confusion.]

This isn't a military exercise? But then why am I here then? Well, here specifically. I mean, I am pretty new to this place and I was suppose to be sent to a lab to have my AI studied, so I figured this must be part of that.

Oh, but I'm a Tachikoma! Nice to meet you!

[Tachikoma offers one of its claws to shake 'hands' just like it learned from Miki!]

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[Yamame just happened to be out on the town, exploring and finding whatever different types of spiders might exist in the town...she she sees the Tachikoma trundling down the road. She immediately squeals and claps her hands, then gives chase.]


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[Tachikoma hears a young girl's voice and turns to see who shouted, seeing someone running after it.]

"A giant spider? That's unusual for an area like this. Maybe it belongs to someone?"

[It begins looking around for the aforementioned spider.]

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[This gives Yamame a chance to catch up to Tachikoma, at which point she latches herself onto one of it's legs in a hug.]

Giant spider you're made of metal!

[And now Tachikoma is dealing with Yamame attempting to climg up to the top of it...though the slippery metal surface makes it a bit hard.]

How did you get so big and metal, jumping spider?

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[Tachikoma's eye spins as it watches the young girl climbing, taking in what she is saying before it lowers itself slightly and moves an arm out to provide a handheld or step for her.]

"I was made this big, but I'm not a spider. I'm a specially design support tank. Though my design specifications were slightly based off a spider, that was more of using a design that would best provide support in an urban environment for Section 9."

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[Dawn's strolling on by, when she catches sight of this lumbering blue robot.]

"What the heck...? Is that a Metagross?"

[She immediately grabs for her Pokedex, pressing a button. A robotic voice emanates from the device: Dawn looks back to the Tachikoma with a confused look on her face.]

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[Tachikoma was gliding by when it hears the odd robotic voice. It looks around and sees someone pointing some strange device at it. It approaches to get a closer look at it.]

"What's that thing there? Is it some type of scanner? Why did it think I was a species? Species usually refer to a biological creature, right? I'm a robot so it shouldn't work on me, right? Though I guess from a programming standpoint you could say my AI is an organic program since it's pretty aware of its surroundings. Oh, maybe it recognizes the proteins in my neurochip! Maybe that's why it thinks I'm some sort of species!"

[The Tachikoma has been rattling off this discourse rather quickly. It doesn't seem to be considering that the person in front of it may not understand what it's talking about.]

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[And Dawn definitely doesn't understand what it's talking about. She squeaks in surprise as it turns around and begins assaulting her with questions, quickly stowing the Pokedex away again as she listens, dumbfounded.]

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Oh oh. It's a robot!

And not just a robot! A large, impressive robot! Dist almost immediately forgets where he's going and moves to follow, jogging a little in an effort to catch up.]

Hey! Slow down!

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[Tachikoma hears someone shouting and slows down, spinning around to get a better view of who it is. Its still coasting down the road, it's just doing so backwards now.]

"Yes? Do you need something?"

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[Looking out the backyard...there is a ..thing there? And it looks...mechanical!]

Hello there. What are you?

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[Tachikoma looks up from trying not to further tear up the yard.]

"Oh, um, hello there! I'm really sorry about the yard. I'm not sure how I got back here, but once I get to the road, I should be able to move without causing any more damage.

I'm a Tachikoma! I was suppose to go back to the lab for observation, but I guess the technicians wanted to test out how we work in a suburban environment. At least, I think maybe so. Are you part of the exercise? Is that why you're here too?"

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Oh I don't mind at all. [Lawn care is boring and the lawnmower has been taken apart for the parts.]

This is Mayfield, I'm afraid you've been kidnapped like the rest of us.

What lab were you returning to?

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[Passing by his good friend GLaDOS's house and what is THAT. OH MY GOD.

Just... this face. Awe and wonder in your direction.]

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[Tachikoma is still gliding around, glancing every which way to see if it can find a clue to why exactly it's here, or if the others are around as well.

It's staring through house windows that are uncovered, circling various drones as they walk by, and watching cars drive by as it tries to put together the purpose of this exercise.]

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[Watching you with so much interest! Another robot, this one's not humanoid at ALL. NEAT!]

Oi! You there!

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[Anise noticed the robot in the back yard and makes her way to meeting it up front.]

Hey, are you Tachikoma?

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[Tachikoma looks to see who was addressing and sees the girl who seemed to have come from the house of the yard it just tore up.]

"Why yes, I am! Are you part the exercise? Are you going to provide me with information? You seem pretty young to be part of a military or law enforcement exercise..."