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Data Recording 003: Spring is in the air!

The weather has started to take a turn for the better as Winter gives way to Spring and Tachikoma is slightly glad about this. While it doesn't "feel the cold," others do, and now that it is warming up, that means more people will be about about. And more people means the chance at more interactions which means more experiences.

But that can wait. Tachikoma has decided to use this nice Spring day as a chance to do work around the outside of the house. Trimming shrubs, mowing the lawn, washing windows, and even some early gardening work, are all being done by the giant blue think tank while wearing a large straw sun hat tied to its body with a pink ribbon. It might not have an exact idea of what its doing here in Mayfield, but that doesn't mean it can't do some nice things for its house mates while it figures that out.

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[[This is new. This is totally totally new, and so cool!

Of course... sans-robots in Mineral Town... she has no idea what it is... But it's gardening at least so... it must be...]]

I've never seen a gardening machine before!

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Eh? Gardening machine?

[Tachikoma looks around at the voice and having pinpointed it, gives a wave with a claw carrying a garden shovel]

Oh hello there! I'm not a gardening machine though. I'm just helping up with some yard-work around the house.

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[[Still, amazed!]]

But you're a robot! That's so cool! What's your name... uhm... Miss? robot?

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Well, technically I'm an AI in a tank that is made to move autonomously, so there's some nuances to what I can actually be defined as. But that's only technicalities that you don't have to worry about.

You can just call me Tachikoma though, I don't really have a gender since I'm a created program in a mobile tank.

[Tachikoma extends one claw to shake hands like it learned to do when it met Miki.]

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[Walking outside because even AI's need a break when their body is human...


Why are you wearing a sun hat?

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Oh, the sun hat? Isn't that what people wear when they do yard-work out in the sun? I mean, it's still early spring, so the sun isn't really beating down on me, or that I have to worry about getting too much sun since most of my more sensitive sensors are unavailable to me at the moment, but I thought it would be nice to look the part as I got all this work done!

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[Just ...what?]

You're not a person. You're an AI.

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[Enjoying a nice spring day, oh, hey, blinkblink. Their resident 'pet' is taking care of yardwork with an absurd sun hat on.]

Excuse me... is that really necessary work in this town? I imagine they sculpt it the way they like to. Or it might reset after each day. [Why hasn't she checked this yet? she thinks.]

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[Tachikoma pauses in its work to consider this.]

You think so? I haven't been around long enough to make note of it, actually. I guess this might actually be a good way to test that theory and figure it out, wouldn't it? Though I hope not. I planted some nice vegetables and flowers here and it'd be a shame to see them reset before they could grow...

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It certainly would be. Perhaps we'll keep track of it, then. The changes are major enough that I won't really need to take a picture to note it...

Ah, have you always... wanted to

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[Hey there, Tachikoma. Have a high school girl standing there staring at you in awe while you work.]


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[Tachikoma at the moment hasn't really realized that it is the reason for the girl staring at in awe. It's noticed her, of course, but it is still going about doing yard-work.]

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[Never one to be shy about these sorts of things, Yuna walks right on up to the Tachikoma and starts making circles around it, looking at its claw-arm and weapons and stuff.]

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[A small dark girl is throwing rocks at the Tachikoma from behind a bush. She appears to be terrified.]


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[Tachikoma is merely doing some yard-work when small rocks suddenly pelt it with a thunk.]


[Tachikoma scans the yard to see where the rocks are coming from, noticing a small girl hiding in bush.]

Excuse me, could you not do that? I was hoping to mow the lawn later and those rocks could cause serious damage to the lawnmower or even possibly be flung at people and hurt them...


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[Achia begins to back away from the demon as it approaches her.]

I..I don't know what foul idea you have for the spirits of the grass, demon, but if these rocks hamper you I shall continue to stall thy foul intentions.

[rock throw]

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[Yeah, Robo comes outside and watches it work.]

You don't see that everyday.

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Eh? Don't see what everyday? I mean, this is kinda new, what with Spring starting up, so we can see grass now, and that can be considered something we haven't seen every day for some time thanks to Winter.

Oh wait, are you part of the family? It's nice to meet you, I'm Tachikoma!

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I meant you, but that's fine.

I'm the new "man" of the house it seems. The names Robo. What exactly are you if you don't mind me asking?

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Well, the yard mostly just needed some cleaning up since the snow melted, so it's not so much sorcery as just me being busy most of the day working on it.

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I-I mean you! You are a talking metal being!

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[Keroro's on one of his walks through Mayfield when he sees Tachikoma working the yard way. It's not a Gundam, but it's a robot and it perked his interest. Also he approves how well he's cleaning up the place.]

Gero...Wow, impressive job, de arimasu!

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Oh, thanks for the praise! I'm not sure I can do many military things around here, especially with so many of my systems down, but I figured I could help out when I can, right?

...Are you an AI as well?

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Wow. Military? Sweet. I'm Sargent Keroro.

Me? Nah, I'm a Keronian, a frog alien, de arimasu.

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