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Data Recording 006: No more splicing into street lamps for Tachikoma!

Action | Outside 1450 Mitchell Road

[Tachikoma has been exploring around Mayfield again, a daily routine it enjoys. It has mapped a lot of the town this way actually. Though it can't really share its memories or files any other way than verbally currently, it's always good to gather and keep information in case it is needed later.

In fact, recently the town has a bunch of new posters up. Tachikoma's not sure what to make of them, it doesn't have to drink milk for nourishment after all, but it has gathered enough information to know that the milk brought by the Milkman is really not safe for full on biological creatures. It guesses it'll need to talk to Miss GLaDOS and Mister Wheatley about it, seeing how this might be something of concern for them currently.

And as it was contemplating this, Tachikoma notices the mail is here! Well, let's take that inside for the others while Tachikoma is at it. Tachikoma pulls out the letters and makes it way to the front door when it notices a name on the top letter: Tachikoma Tesla.]

Eh? A letter for me? That's strange. I didn't think I have a last name though. Maybe it is just something the town does...

[Setting the other letters down, it carefully opens the letter and pulls out a small photo. A photo of a row of Tachikoma's powered down in high-tech cubicles.]

Oh! Its a picture of the other Tachikomas and me synchronizing for the day! ...I wonder why someone would send me that though?

[Tachikoma puzzles over this for a bit, but figures it can just ask its house mates along with the other things, so it puts the picture back in the envelope and gathers up the rest of the mail so as to complete its task of retrieving the mail!

Meanwhile, if any is in the backyard of 1450 Mitchell Road, or happens to glance after Tachikoma opens the letter, they will suddenly see a large cubicle like the one in the picture now in place of where the doghouse use to be.]

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......what is that?

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[Tachikoma is only at the front door way at the moment. It takes some maneuvering for it get through the portal since it doesn't want to damage the building in anyway. As such, it can't see what GLaDOS is talking about and can only assume she is referring to what it is bringing inside.]

It's the mail Miss GLaDOS! And look! I got a letter too!

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I was talking about what happened to the dog house.

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Oh? What about the dog house?

[Tachikoma moves the 'eyes' on the white spheres to find a view of the backyard, still halfway in the doorway. Oh, there's a window to the back yard, let's just zoom in there. Not like it can see the dog house on the ground but maybe, oh look! There's something else there!]

Wow! Is that my recharging station? Just like the one in the picture I got in the mail! I wonder who brought that here. Did someone built it there for me? That was awfully nice of them, that sure would be a much easier way to recharge. Maybe even run a diagnostic on my systems.

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Your recharging station is a cubicle?

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Oh I guess it does look like a cubicle! But yes, I believe the design was made to save space since Section 9 needed one for each Tachikoma. Each cubicle was networked with the other cubicles too! It's where we synchronized at the end of the day!

[Tachikoma tries moving further through the door gently during this. The front body part and a leg or two seems to be able to make it. The large passenger pod in back might not be able to though. Tachikoma is starting to realize this and stops a moment, half in and half out of the door, to look around with its "eyes." Oh look, there's a little table by the front door! The claw holding the mail it just got suddenly extends out on a bar in it's arm as it sets the letters on top of the table before retracting. Mission accomplished!!]

There's the mail for today, Miss GLaDOS!

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Thank you.

[What a strange AI.]

What sort of things did you do there?

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Oh, well, Section 9 is mostly a counter-terrorist group. So even when not being directly controlled by the other team members, Tachikomas usually provided combat support. But we're also to help combat cyber crime too, since where I come from most people are cyberized and physically always connected to the net. We're also trained in stealth and recon maneuvers, but the stealth is based upon some of my systems that are currently offline now.

[Tachikoma is still looking over the door frame. It'll back out of this, it got in alright, so it just needs to do that in reverse!]

Oh, and like I said, those cubicles at the end of the day synchronized all of us Tachikomas. That way we all have the same memories and experiences going into any new mission!

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So your purpose is military then?

Doesn't it get annoying having the same memories?

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For the most part yes, but I believe we're officially classified as an intelligence agency under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

But what's annoying about having the same memories? It's a great way to experience things the others didn't like being shot up by a tank or hacking into a company's network!

I just know the other Tachikoma's are going to love all the experiences I'm having here at Mayfield! Especially with how strange some things work!

[Tachikoma has started backing up and out of the door. It seems to be okay, no damage, so it just needs to not get stuck...]

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Sometimes you don't want to have people know what you do.

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Is that because of embarrassment? Because in a sense, that's usually caused by doing something not done by others, right? If all the Tachikomas have the same memories and experience, than not a single one can be embarrassed by what another did since we essentially all remember doing it.

[Slooooowly, almost out of the doorway, just need to watch the sensory 'horn' there...]

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No I was thinking along the lines of doing things the others might not approve of.

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Oh. Well, even though we Tachikomas might have a bit of personality differences, we're all of like minds, so it's very rare that any one of us would want to do something not approved of by the others. Unless we're being controlled by an outside force or infected with a virus.

As for something not approved by the other team members, well, they're all pretty accomplished intelligence agents, so it's not like they wouldn't find out even if they didn't bothered to check our memories during synchronization occasionally.

[Ah ha! There we go! Back out the door and not a single scratch or dent on it or the house!]