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Action | Outside 1450 Mitchell Road

[Tachikoma has been exploring around Mayfield again, a daily routine it enjoys. It has mapped a lot of the town this way actually. Though it can't really share its memories or files any other way than verbally currently, it's always good to gather and keep information in case it is needed later.

In fact, recently the town has a bunch of new posters up. Tachikoma's not sure what to make of them, it doesn't have to drink milk for nourishment after all, but it has gathered enough information to know that the milk brought by the Milkman is really not safe for full on biological creatures. It guesses it'll need to talk to Miss GLaDOS and Mister Wheatley about it, seeing how this might be something of concern for them currently.

And as it was contemplating this, Tachikoma notices the mail is here! Well, let's take that inside for the others while Tachikoma is at it. Tachikoma pulls out the letters and makes it way to the front door when it notices a name on the top letter: Tachikoma Tesla.]

Eh? A letter for me? That's strange. I didn't think I have a last name though. Maybe it is just something the town does...

[Setting the other letters down, it carefully opens the letter and pulls out a small photo. A photo of a row of Tachikoma's powered down in high-tech cubicles.]

Oh! Its a picture of the other Tachikomas and me synchronizing for the day! ...I wonder why someone would send me that though?

[Tachikoma puzzles over this for a bit, but figures it can just ask its house mates along with the other things, so it puts the picture back in the envelope and gathers up the rest of the mail so as to complete its task of retrieving the mail!

Meanwhile, if any is in the backyard of 1450 Mitchell Road, or happens to glance after Tachikoma opens the letter, they will suddenly see a large cubicle like the one in the picture now in place of where the doghouse use to be.]


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