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Tachikoma Hub Post for [community profile] destinystrings

▼ Tachikoma [ OU ]
Birthday: May 22nd, 2029
Astrology Sign: Gemini
Soul Arcana: The Hanged Man
Unlucky Arcana: The Tower , The Star, Death & The Moon
String Color: [#206DA3]

▼ Personality Snapshot
Curious, precocious, intelligent and friendly. Tachikomas' personality is the last type you'd expect in a specialized military team, yet they know how to follow orders and can be counted on for almost any situation.

▼ Visual
▶ [Standard Tachikoma think tank design]
▶ [Humanized fanart #1]
▶ [Humanized fanart #2]

▼ Profile
▶ [Application]
▶ [HMD]
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