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Data Recording 002: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Every day during winter, there has been a fresh new layer of snow on the ground, and Tachikoma, being the helpful AI that it is, has taken the task of making sure the driveway of its current, and hopefully temporary, home is nice and clean. The snow doesn't bother it at all, as it was designed for many situations, though it is a little cumbersome to move the snow shovel around a bit. But a few days of practice have taught it to figure out the best way to complete this task with minimal fuss and pretty efficiently as well.

But some of the other houses seem to just let the snow pile up it seems. And that's worrisome to the helpful AI. After all, what if those people need to get their car out somewhere? Or worse, the snow blown on their porch is trapping them inside?

Which is now why anybody on Mitchell Road may get a knock on the door from a rather large looking blue machine asking if they mind if it shovels off the path and driveway for them. Those not home, or pretending not to be home, will still get their paths cleared off though, Tachikoma just thought it should ask first to be safe.

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*and there's a moon rabbit opening a door when it's knocked on... she's seen a lot of things in Mayfield, but she doesn't remember any robots*


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[Tachikoma is holding the snow shovel in its one claw, slung over its "shoulder" as it speaks.]

"Hello there, miss! I noticed there was a lot of snow around your house and thought I'd be a good neighbor and offer to shovel the sidewalk and driveway for you!"

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*give her a bit to process... the snow wasn't a big deal for her since she could fly, but she was fairly certain her not!husband couldn't*

Y-yes, thank you... I'd appreciate that.

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"I'll get started right away then! Just glad to be of some help, after all."

[Tachikoma gives a salute with its free arm before walking over to the driveway and starts to clear it off. After it gets enough space, it engages its wheels to help push the snow off the driveway like a large blue snowblower or snowplow.

A tune can be heard as Tachikoma sings while it works.]

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*she's just going to watch for a bit, because she really hasn't seen a robot before*

((S-sobb, I just realized that the entry says Mitchell road which... Reisen isn't on... should I uh... delete or something? x_X;;;))
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((Nope, that's totally fine, Mitchell road is the initial starting point, but Tachikoma would spread out to other streets as well!))

[It takes a bit, but Tachikoma clears out the driveway of snow with minimum fuss and begins working on a pathway up to the porch and door of the house as well. There is a definite cheerfulness in its disposition as it does this work.]

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((Alright, then ^^; ))

*she's just going to continue rudely staring watching as it works... and a small part of her is wondering if the robot is going to charge for its services*

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[Finally Tachikoma finishes clearing out the snow and stops once again at the door of the house. It gives a tip of the hat, which is odd, since it's not wearing a hat, so it's basically miming tipping a hat before speaking up.]

"There you go! All cleared out! If you ever get stuck in the snow or need help shoveling, feel free to ask for my help! Have a nice day now!"

[And with that, Tachikoma starts walking off to the road, ready to help out at another house!]

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[Answers door, blinking down at the machine.]

What in the--? [Did Engie make this thing?]

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[Tachikoma gives a slight wave with the arm not carrying the shovel before speaking.]

"Hello sir, I'm visiting the neighbors still snowed in to see if they'd like some help with shoveling their driveways or paths! It can pile up rather quickly it seems, so I figured it'd be a nice thing to check about."

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[This thing is so awesome! It TALKS!]

Uh, sure! Yeah, go for it, man! Where'd ya come from, anyway?

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"Well, just recently, I just came over from the house I'm staying at on Mitchell Road. But to be more specific would be a little harder to explain as my AI and mechanical systems were made in different places before being assembled and activated in Niihama. Does that help explain where I'm from?"

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[Opens mouth

Close mouth. Ok, definitely not something of Engie's, but damn, he would love this thing.]

Guess so? I had no idea somethin' this cool was on my street. Ya got a name?

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. . . . .

No soliciting from killer robots, thanks.

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"Well that's just rude! Not only does that implies that I'm some sort of mindless robot who only causes harm, but that I expect to be paid for offering to be a good neighbor! I'll have you know just because I'm considered to be a military grade think tank, I've actually been deployed in more police actions than military ones. I've helped more people than I've ever harmed, and those I have harmed was either in self defense of my colleagues or dangerous criminals that needed to be immobilized!"

[That's right, you're being scolded by Tachikoma. If it could scowl, it would do so, as the tone of the voice sure implies it.]

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. . .

We don't buy anything from overtalkative, nagging robots, either.